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Wednesday, August 16, 2017

Welcome to our Math Website

Welcome students and families to FMS!  The teachers in this school are dedicated to the success of each every child.  We are excited to build positive and productive relationships with all of you.

This is our math website.  It's purpose is to connect what we are doing in the classroom to students and parents at home.  This website contains video tutorials, practice skill websites, a link to our classroom textbooks, and much more.  It's our goal as FMS math teachers to inform parents about we are doing in school.

The first skill students will be asked to complete this year is our single digit multiplication assessment.  ALL students we be asked to complete at least 80 random single-digit multiplication problems in 4 minutes.  This has been an expectation at FMS for six years now.  We believe that knowing these facts systematically will contribute to mastering math skills that follow.  After the first assessment is given, less than 10% of the student body typically master's the essential skill.  By the end of the first quarter, through grit and perseverance, more than 70% of the student body is able to master the essential skill!  Year in and year out FMS ranks #1 in sixth grade student growth in district #51.  We believe that when a student can simply recall a math fact in a reasonable amount of time plays a foundational role in our growth success

Click on the link below to view and print what the assessment will look like for all sixth grade students at FMS.  Start practicing!

Essential Skill #1 Assessment

If your child is struggling that is ok.  Struggle is a good thing.  I have added at the following practice link for students to work on.

In-Order Practice Sheet